Set of 2 Small Round Bowls

Transform your dining experience into a tranquil oasis with our BERNADETTE ceramic round bowls, perfect for serving as an apero bowl or breakfast bowl. Adorned with our exclusive Hortensia print, we create a table setting that's unparalleled. Each bowl is meticulously hand-molded by our exceptional team of artisans in South Africa, ensuring that every piece is genuinely unique and exceptional.

Elevate your dining moments in the most exquisite way, whether it's a candle-lit dinner, an apero gathering, or a delightful breakfast, with BERNADETTE ceramic round bowls that surpass all expectations!

Swatch of color Red Bouquet on Ivory
Swatch of color Blue Hortensia on Ivory
Swatch of color Red Blossom on Pink
Swatch of color Romantic Cream
Swatch of color Pink Hortensia on Pink
Swatch of color Mimosa Beige
Swatch of color Lilacs White on Grey