BERNADETTE is the Antwerp-based fashion label from creative mom-and-daughter duo Bernadette and Charlotte de Geyter.

A shared vision of modern luxury characterizes their ready-to-wear and homeware collections. Fashion and interior merge seamlessly for BERNADETTE. With an extensive archive of patterns and florals, they are more than a fashion label. It’s a lifestyle filled with joy, optimism, and striking florals to brighten up every occasion of your day.

As a brand born of intergenerational collaboration, Bernadette — a former buyer for Ralph Lauren and more — is an expert on forms that work for women of all ages. Being a homeware and interior enthusiast, Bernadette is a chameleon that adapts to every space individually. From American porches with rattan chairs to the inviting coziness of the English cottage. The fusion of nonchalance and elegance depicts her style of working.

Artistic expression is central to the brand. BERNADETTE’s unique botanical motifs — a hallmark described by British Vogue as “florals with a fizz” — are all hand-drawn by Charlotte, who studied at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Next to signature prints, Charlotte plays with couture-like shapes and sculpted volumes with its signature knots, bows, and romantic rosettes. Together the designers’ mission is to inspire a modern femininity.

Bernadette De Geyter

BERNADETTE, co-founder and creative allround consultant behind the BERNADETTE brand, driven by a lifelong passion for fashion.

Her mother passed down her love for knitting and crocheting, and from an early age, she crafted items that she couldn't find in stores, an experience that ignited her creative spirit. Throughout the years, Bernadette continually explored and experimented with her own unique style, firmly believing that fashion should, above all, be playful. Over the years, she has diligently maintained an archive of her most cherished pieces in her closet, which has often served as an inspiration for many designs within the brand.

Bernadette's extensive experience was shaped during her tenure as a former buyer for Ralph Lauren. It was during this time that she immersed herself in the world of a comprehensive brand, one that seamlessly integrated ready-to-wear fashion with homeware articles. This concept deeply resonated with her, and she subsequently introduced it to BERNADETTE.

Bernadette's expertise encompasses decoration, styling, and fabrics. In her current role as a full-time consultant for the brand, Bernadette focuses on research and introduces innovative shapes that complement Charlotte's creations. The fusion of nonchalance and elegance depicts her style of working. Together, they collaborate on selecting colors and fabrics, drawing from Bernadette's profound understanding of the luxury clientele and the world of fabrics. Furthermore, Bernadette dedicates herself full-time to the development of the home and tableware collection of BERNADETTE.

Charlotte De Geyter

CHARLOTTE, co-founder, designer and creative force behind BERNADETTE, discovered her passion for drawing and creating atmospheres from a very early age.

She honed her skills at Antwerp's prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, a renowned institution that provided her with valuable insights into developing her distinctive artistic style, marked by a deep affection for vibrant colors, bold shapes and prints.

Charlotte moved to London after graduating to work for a renowned designer brand, where she gained valuable industry experience. However, driven by her desire to share her unique mother-daughter narrative, she made the deliberate choice to return to Antwerp and embark on a collaborative creative journey with her mother, Bernadette.

Charlotte's artistic process involves the creation of hand-drawn prints, which she meticulously brings to life on paper and digitally. Each collection she curates and showcases distinctive prints, often inspired by nature. Besides print-making, an inherent desire to continuously captivate the BERNADETTE customer with fresh and innovative silhouettes is at the core of Charlotte's design philosophy.