BERNADETTE, a young luxury brand, is dedicated to embodying its most responsible self while refraining from claiming the title of a sustainable brand outright.

The brand prioritizes efforts to minimize its social and environmental impact in a world driven by trends. BERNADETTE's designs strike a balance between contemporary aesthetics and timeless appeal, emphasizing durability. The brand firmly believes in the longevity and quality of its garments, abstaining from traditional sale periods.

With a strong commitment to circularity, BERNADETTE focuses on achieving zero-waste production. As a low-stock brand, unsold items are revitalized during archive sales, and fabric remnants find new life in exclusive lines for the brand's webshop. Upcycled creations from these remnants include silk dustbags, quilts, and more.

All purchases from the BERNADETTE webshop are shipped in sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging, featuring reusable fabric-covered boxes crafted from recycled natural fibers and leftover fabrics from previous collections.

Aiming for a "produced in Europe only" policy, BERNADETTE collaborates with local and European partners for the majority of its garments, contributing to a reduced CO2 footprint in the brand's value chain. Orders are shipped from the brand's studio and its Belgian warehouse partner. Any exploration of production outside of Europe is strictly limited to cases requiring specialized craftsmanship. For instance, in the creation of embroidered pieces, a specialized atelier in India is enlisted for its expertise in the craft, ensuring fair working conditions and sustainable practices. All partners prioritize responsible packaging and production solutions.

Most textiles used in BERNADETTE garments originate from Italy, with a focus on natural fabrics like silk and linen. The brand continually introduces more responsible fibers in upcoming collections. Fabric suppliers commit to researching sustainable processes, including organic cotton, recycled polyesters, FSC viscose, ECOVERO viscose, and others. The production of fabrics also relies on energy from renewable sources.

BERNADETTE promises transparency to its customers and engages in extensive research to improve its practices every year.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any questions relating to our sustainability policy.